29 maio 2016

Second childhood in Phoenix Park: bike, Ray-Ban and picnic (Ireland). English Version

- Last time I rode a bike I was 17, it has been 12 years, do you think I can do it?
- Our brain has memory, we don’t forget anything ever. Let’s do it. In that sunny afternoon, European sun, we decided to go to Phoenix Park. According to what Brazilians told me, this is the biggest park from Europe and it was close to home.
I was crazy to go ride a bike. I used to watch on the movies some couples walking together around the city, crossing the green of these lands so alive, and I would like to try it. The cold weather was freezing even my fair, but I was decided, then I went. I wore a salmon-pink color silk scarf with little flowers stamped on it, a black coat that I bought in a Chinese store.
My Ray-Ban glasses couldn’t be left behind, everything was so magic that I felt as Cinderella changed to leprechaun version. We rented the bikes for 10 euros per hour. That’s expensive! In the downtown it’s cheaper, I don’t care, I just want to be here. I remained with my Aviator and I went.

I cannot get out from the floor, I’m scared of falling. Don’t stop, go ahead. My right leg trembled, essaying a falling. Bit by bit, I got strength and remembered of motocycle classes that I had (I had license to drive it but I didn’t practice it). And I was moving up… I started to scream my colegue’s name who was in front of me, mixing to my happiness lots of laughs, I missed the breath. I saw her shaking in that mechanism and I laughed, but I was going as someone who had pedal experience.

I didn’t wanna stop going. I pedaled and, involved in all that effort, I didn’t sweat, the cold weather dried all my body tears. Finally, we stopped in the middle of green and I tried to had a picnic. The loaf of bread has never been so healthy. I lay in the joy of green tones and thanked God for being there. The new Cinderella arrived. I was waiting, in that moment, my favorite leprechaun.

Carol Bianco                                   

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